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La Izquierda, Canary Islands 
BREAK TYPE: reef / hollow
IDEAL WIND: easterly
IDEAL SWELL: north westerly
HAZARDS: rips / crowds / rocks
DIFFICULTY: intermediate
Hey, I´m a local from this beach, first it's not called Izquierda, It's called Palmeras because it's behind this hotel, many years ago it was called Playa del cabecito. If you go there you can have a great time as long as you don´t wipe out and you keep out of the way of the locals.
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 Martin, Las Americas
They still throw rocks at you. Good wave, but the locals really spoil it, even when you show respect they act like dicks. Much better off going to Fuerteventura.
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 Tom, Cornwall
Es una ola bastante grande, los mejores dias que cogí fueron 2 metros pero en invierno me contaron los locales que alcanza los 3 metros facilmente. Lo unico malo es que rompe en la orilla encima de un reef bestial, un galleto puede ser fatal. Sale unos buenos tubos. Lo mejor para las maniobras es la izquierda pero la derecha no disgusta nada.
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 Manuel, O Grobe
I am not a very talented surfer but i have to say that this spot is the best left hander in whole of Europe, only maybe Mundaka might be better. The wawes are usually between 3-6 feet. When the day is big, you can see wawes over 10 feet +. I have surfed there only when the swell was small.
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 Jarno Leppälä, Helsinki
When I first came across Spanish Lefts back in the 1980's I thought "wow - thats awesome" Some two decades later it is still a great wave to watch and surf. It is undoubtedly th ebest and most famous left hand wave in Europe and made Tenerife its name for surf. It is long, tubey and very hollow.
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 Pure Vacations, UK
This is an excelent left hander. It is very dangerous due to the volcanic reef which makes it very shalow at low tide. The waves are consistent and powerful. The drop in rule is very strict here.
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 Lloyd Dowden, Caerphilly
Great wave, fun when small, amazing when bigger. I was 15 when I went last year. Waves are 100%. Funny stuff in the reef gets stuck in your feet, so take booties or get hurt.
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 Jan, Falmouth
I surfed here in 1985 and scored filth waves at this break also called spanish leftand right along back to los christianos.the rights at desert point were long (100m)+ and ihad asurf there one day for 7hrs straight.the locals were pretty agro and would throw rocks at you in the water. check out lanzarote too guys!
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 Shaun, Geraldton WA
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