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South Fistral, England 
IDEAL WIND: south easterly
IDEAL SWELL: westerly
IDEAL TIDE: mid - high
HAZARDS: rocks
DIFFICULTY: intermediate
This beach is one of the best in Britain, I visited it last year and it was awesome, you should definitely visit it.
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 Ryan, Middlesbrough
Fistral is wack. There are waves for beginners, intermediates and pro's. The waves can get from 2ft to 5-6ft in 1 day it's Phat! As long as you don't mind a long journey if you do live far then this is the place for you.
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 Willy Wilson, Norwich
Cornwall is great and I've surfed all over the world. Just like anywhere else, you get your bad times but as a balance you get your epic sessions too. Enjoy your own coastline.
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 Pete, Wakering
One of the best breaks in cornwall. A long wave that has some power. in the summer it has too be said that there are just too many people!
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 Johno, Lincoln
A classic muppet tourist magnet that keeps them away from the better places. That said there is a gnarly cliff jump entry off the rocks at the southern end which means you can leave the chumps thrashing in the shore break whilst enjoying the best thick waves out back.
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 Adonis, Cornwall
Intermediate!? This is the place every beginner heads for. Thurso East, Brims Ness, Fresh Water West are intermediate. Fistral is classic beginner beach break. Fun to rip up out the back on bigger swells though. True locals excepted, no self respecting seasoned surfer would head to Fistral unless they were competeing. Leave it to the Brummies, Mancs and Londeners to learn on.
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 JC, Scotland
Avoid this place and your surf life will be full of joy. Adolescent Newquayites have a Dogtown attitude, no love for others; a good beach-break spoiled. If you are stuck in Newquay and itís your only option, beware the pack by the north end rocks, wankers. Swampy had a board shot at him by someone that had dropped in on him all day. A board shot at him! What kind of land is this? Blame the parents and avoid Fistful Bleach.
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 Tudge, Falmouth
On a good day it's a great break and the best tip to get the most out of it is to surf early morning when the hoardes are just waking up with their face in a doner kebab. Or go out of season. It didn't get its repututation as a good place to surf for no reason, even if you're as likely to bump into a drunken biffa shagging as you are a good wave.
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 Ed, Putney
South Fistral is a very nice spot and far less crowded than north Fistral.
Due to its location it tends to be a smaller wave but can get nice and hollow close to the rocks with clean left handers and the occassional right thrown in for good measure.
If you are the type of surfer that wants to surf Fistral but not with huge crowds then head for south Fistral. It is clean and far friendlier and you can actually enjoy the experience.
One warning though the rock formations at certain stages of mid tide can get sucked dry so be aware of this if you are not totally experienced when doing your bottom turns!
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All of the best surfers from around country and abroad come here for competitions. I spent 2 weeks there last year, immaculate beaches, nice people, clean sea, lifeguards and perfect weather. Something for all.
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 Carol, Sutton
What a bunch of undeserved hype! True it gets hollow at low tide but I would rather be getting in the green room somewhere with less crowds and with a lot fewer egos in the water. Sorry but it's not about competing with each other, just relax and have fun!
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 Crookie, No-Where-Ville
The most over rated beach in the world! Full of kooks in the summer and full of aggro locals in the winter. A slow, weak bag of poooooo!!
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 Yellowboy Meloy, St.Austell
Thus I only been surfing in the south hemisphere, but old chaps, I can assure you you have an equally superb wave in UK. My hunt for the perfect wave ends here. Only, lots of stupid beginners... But hey, were we not all there at one stage?
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 Axel K, Koenigswinter
Fistral is a good beach with some good swells. Ideal for beginners.
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 Tom B, Harpenden
This place is way to overhyped, crowds are massive, waves are shit, needs absolute perfect conditions for it to work, which does not happen very often! I've only surfed it epic when it was 12ft offshore, it was mental, but it don't happen enough!!!
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 Matt Conway, Bristol
From surfing a number of beaches in cornwall throughout various stages of the year, i feel it has to be said that Fistral is bad. South Fistral is a bit better on account of many people not bothering to walk that far, but Little Fistral is truely abysmal. If you want to surf Cornwall's north coast, go somewhere thats just about surfable, I suggest constantine. But a far better piece of advice would be to surf some of the reefs along the south coast as they are boadering on average. For a far better surf experience I suggest Oz or Indo cos its good and cornland is bad, dont surf there, surf the humber its about as good!!
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 JimmyC, Hull
Gav, BeachWizard
RGP (surfing) and Mikey P, Cornwall
RGP (surfing) and Mikey P, Cornwall
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James Graham, UK
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