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Saunton, England 
IDEAL WIND: easterly
IDEAL SWELL: westerly
IDEAL TIDE: mid - high
DIFFICULTY: intermediate
Normally a very long paddle out with a slight rip to the right (near the rocks). Slow, long wave great for beginners sheltered by the cliffs at North end.
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 James Jennings, Minehead
Saunton is not so good for surfing but it rips for kite boarding. Normally SW or W winds, nice and clean and pretty good surf.
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 Jamie MacDonald-Murray, Barnstaple
A great break to learn on. Can get there and back in a day from Birmingham too! I'm an addict!
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 Deva, Harborne, Birmingham
Longboard heaven, especially if you are just starting to get to grips with surfing. It can be quite a paddle out (after a couple of waves) but its fun. Huge beach with loads of room for everyone, so its easy to find your uncrowded patch. Little or no stress from the locals except when the wind picks up and the lineup gets crowded by the rocks.
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 surf b@st@rd, Swansea
A great mellow wave which is great for beginners and is not as bad for shortboards as you may have heard.
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 Dave, York
If you ride a short board be prepared for a frustrating 'paddle-fest'. The wave is slow and mellow and can be awkward to catch on a smaller board. Can produce some long fun rides once you're up though!
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 Ben, L/Spa
A classic longboarding beach that is good for beginners and the more advanced. A real mellow vibe and a good crowd. Nothing beats a good longboarding session at Saunton on a September/October afternoon.
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 Dennis de Roos, Bristol
This isn't as big as Croyde and is good for beginners, where as Croyde if for Intermediates.
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 Rob, Bridport
One of, if not the best longboard wave in the UK on the cave it is perfect with the right conditions, but in the summer head elsewhere because of crowds. Saunton also has the best surf life saving club in Britain. Russ and Gaz, British board rescue and double ski cahmps. p.s you will find us on the balcony on the beach in the summer.
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 Russ and Gaz, Braunton
Me and my mates have surfed this wave it sucks! Majorly no power at all, you would have more fun surfing in a pond as this wave is sooo weak and slow not even rideable if you dont have a 12ft longboard.
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 Arnold / Jordan, Westward ho
Saunton is the BEST LONGBOARD WAVE IN THE UK and at the right time on the right swell a long, fun shortboard wave.
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 Ashley Braunton, Barnstaple
I love it! It's great when 3 foot or over and never gets crowded even in summer due to the size of the beach. Saunton is the most fun and relaxed place I've surfed.
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 Tom Williams, Witney
A very long paddle out but very long ride in too. It is excellent for longboards as it is a lazy wave that hangs for ages. Not much good for shortboarders, but having said that I have seen some very good ones that more than make do. A good place to head to when north winds blow other beaches out as it is protected by a nice big headland.
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 Luke, Southampton
Fun and easy with plenty of space. The cafe sells kick-ass flapjacks!
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 Yuppie Insect, Atlantis
Saunton is in my view a classic break. It is ideal for beginners and on a good day it is a longboarders paradise. I've surfed it on days when you can see the swell coming in from the horizon and when it wraps around the point - toes on the nose boys!
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 Laurence the Brave, Exeter
This is great on a Mal or a Fish cos the waves aren't that steep. I had some cracking days and the vibe is soooooo mellow.
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 Tim, Exeter
For those who know Saunton is longboarders paradise! OK some people can get lairy when a good a bunch of peaches comes pumpin' in but Saunton still remains a classic break and the few good people I have met there will to me, remain as the good memories I have of Blighty.
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 Jake Gregory, Kirra, Queensland (expat)
Great for longboarders, and in the right conditions at high tide then 4-5ft and powerful and a great wave to ride. I've been going to north devon for last 10 years and found Saunton the best beach to surf on!
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 Oliver, Leicester
Longboarders heaven, this place kicks, look out for local stylers, Ash, Mellow Ralph, Sex Kings Rob/Chris enjoy!
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 skindog, staffs
A classic longboard wave, although the paddle out can be a drag after a few hours in the water. Waves feel as if they are long enough to get up on the nose and stay there for the next 10 minutes. Generally a mellow vibe in the water as well.
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 Dave, Dorset
Excellent Beginners spot! Waves can seem to go on forever! Gives you loads of time to get a real good feel for the board before moving on to somehwere like croyde!
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 Will, Bury St Edmunds
Paul du Heaume, Acton
Sophie, Westward Ho!
Ashley Braunton, Barnstaple
Stuart Ballard, UK
Tim Walker, London
Your momma, Pitsbourg
Clive Evans, Plymouth
Andy F, UK
Lee Betts, UK
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