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Lowestoft, England 
IDEAL WIND: westerly
IDEAL SWELL: northerly
DIFFICULTY: beginner
Lowestoft is a really nice beach break. It is always hollow apart from mid tide. At high tide it is a hollow shorey and at low with a nice peeling wave especially off the pier. I'll let you in to a secret: it works on big southwest winds and it is clean.
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 Chris Jeffery, Lowestoft
Went there today, pretty good really, even though waves were small, like me! nice.
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 Al, Beccles
A nice wave that is usually small and breaks most of the time. It does lack power though.
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 Kiwi, Beccles
Enjoy body boarding at Lowestoft. It can get busy when north westerlies are kickin' up some sweet waves! I love it but my friend Lawrence is a bit cynical (he doesn't know what he's talkin' about!)
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 Tom Brooks, Lowestoft
This has an insane winding left hander that unloads onto the beach at low tide, definitley not for the faint hearted! It has been known to have stand up winding barrels like pipeline in Hawaii. See you in da tube!
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 Michael Knight, Iowa
Generally Lowestoft is choppy, small and uninspiring. But when a big south westerly brews up it can rock big style. Just make sure you check the weather before making the journey.
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 Mike Gwyther, Lowestoft
I was bodyboarding this morning in 0-1 ft beachbreak not too good but least I got wet. However whilst I was boarding, some piece of shit took my boardbag, rifled my clothes and made off with my sand bag. Didn't see them do it though, so I get out and no bag or towel. I walked up to the public toilets to get changed and there's my bag with contents strewn out (spare leash, wax, towel, etc.) - be warned the area of Lowestoft where it's best to surf also contains the most scum, look after your bundle!!
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 Rob, Lowestoft
Insane wave on big swells, sucky and hollow and maybe a max of ten people out mid-week. Watch out for the rips... real nasty and not worth fighting... best to go with it, get out and walk back up the beach!!!
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 Jimbo, Bristol
Lowerstoft is OK, I went there when the waves were 3-4ft, they were actually really powerful! But I didn't catch any because it was far too messy.
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 Reezie, Ipswich
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