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Tynemouth, England 
BREAK TYPE: beach / point
IDEAL WIND: south westerly
IDEAL SWELL: northerly
IDEAL TIDE: low - mid
DIFFICULTY: beginner
I think that Tynemouth is great fun. This is coming from a southern fairy who is used to the warm waves of Devon, Dorset and Cornwall. The winter waves here are fantastic and a lot better than the poncy waves down South. The water may not be 100% clean but where is? As long as you're not stupid enough to drink it then you'll be fine.
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 Harry, Dorset
The water quality at Tynemouth can vary dramatically depending on weather condition, over the winter I have seen the sea completely flat barely a ripple and just the opposite, huge monsters (for the UK). The water quality is sometimes very cloudy with foam along the beach edge, but I have never seen any toilet debris, although I can imagine it's out there as the beach is just around the corner from the mouth of the river Tyne (hence the name) and I have seen much pollution in that. I have had some excellent days in the water at Tynemouth; there is a cafe on the beach and usually enough parking. I wouldn’t let the prospect of pollution put you off, as long as the waves are good Tynemouth is a great place to surf.
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 Gargexian, Newcastle
I started surfing last year and I haven't been there many times because it gets really cold in the winter but the times I have been there the waves have been pretty good and there is a cool surf shop at the top of the beach next to the road where you can hire your kit.
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 Han, Durham
Nice little beach break. The surf is best towards old swimming pool end. Water quality is a bit dodgy. If the swell picks up there are plenty of breaks north and south to rip hard on.
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 Dave, Tynemouth
Not really that bad! Can have its bad days like any beach (even Bamburgh). The asbestos should have washed away by now! I guess we'll all find out in time!
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 SkullnX, Durham
Tynemouth consist of two main beaches and they are the ones most worth a look at in the area. For info, all the beaches in the area have now been awarded their blue flags so the water is getting better !
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 Andy, Newcastle
A great beach break with a variety of other breaks including point breaks to suit beginners and experts. The preconceptions of this area having bad water quality is very much wrong. How else could you explain the blue and seaside award flags being awarded to all four of the local North Tyneside beaches. I have never been ill due to the water quality in over 15 years of surfing these beaches. Don't listen to the sceptics come have a go and see for yourself, you will have a great time and the local night life is excellent. Happy surfing!!!
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 Marcus, Killingworth
I can't believe people reckon that pollution is a problem at Tynemouth, if that is the case why did King Edwards Bay get an A grade rating from the Environment Agency because of excellent water quality and the clean beach. Longsands is just as clean. Both beaches also have Blue flag and Seaside award. The surf's good when it's up and is great for beginners.
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 Dan Kennedy, Wallsend
I'm sorry but these people are talkin rubbish... Unless that is of course they count floating shit and fanny pads as clean, on a bad day you can't see your hand six inches under the water, not forgetting the fact that the burning down of the old hotel which overlooked the beach dumped about two tonnes of asbestos all over the place, men in gas masks and white overalls for two weeks on hands and knees were picking the stuff up, and the sand bank Reclamation that the council spent a month on, my guess the rest of it is still under there... If you wanna catch some waves, tynemouth's like any other beach, it has it's days... if you want clean water.... go to bamburgh... and the blue flag..... well i've seen flags in shop windows, some are pretty pricey, i wonder how much the council paid for theirs....
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 A local, Tynemouth
Brilliant beach, never seen it lower that 2 feet, good surf shop at the top, the sea is really clear, no pollution, apart from a bit of sea weed at low tide. Really good for beginners, but a little nippy in winter.
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 Nick, Newcastle
Michael Parker, Alnwick
Michael Parker, Alnwick
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