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Lacanau-Ocean, France 
BREAK TYPE: beach / hollow
IDEAL WIND: easterly
IDEAL SWELL: westerly
HAZARDS: rips / crowds
DIFFICULTY: intermediate
Try Lacanau Nord beach to avoid some of the crowds and get a mellower ride.
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 Mac, Ireland
This wave is sick. I don't get why someone hasn't written about it yet. At low tide it goes off as a peak and barrels for ages. Then high tide it is also very sick, shorey breaking into about a half a foot of water. The shorey is like a mini sharks island.
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 Russ Pike, Exeter
I'm with the other guy. It got very big one afternoon and they were pulling them out of the water with the helicopter! Be careful. Beginners better watch out for some strong rips too. It can be fantastic though, even if it's a bit crowded in August.
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 Nick, Oxford
Yeah, that shorey does kick your arse as I found out when I came in one afternoon. My mates thought it was hilarious. The best tide I found was low to mid and it seems to hold a bit more onshore than you'd expect. Gonna go back this year.
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 Tim, Exeter
I've been there last year's May. It was great first 2 days, then it all started to get onshore (1 bft) with huge swells (4-5 mtr) after that it became 4bft onshore which was it, no good waves anymore, unpossible to peddle out! tip: don't go to camping "les grand pins" the owner doesn't take surfers very well, you're not allowed to leave whatever stuff on your campsite or you can leave ;)
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 Kim Visser, Egmond aan Zee
A very nice break, but do not go to campsite "les grand pins" ... they throw away your stuff and kick you from the campsite for having stuff outside of your tent ... the site director really 's a shouting dumb ass!
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 Kim, Egmond aan zee
I was in lacanau in august 2k1. I didn't like it as I am a beginner and those big heavy waves I saw there were way to agressive. I didn't like the beach and all those tourists so I decided to go to Mimizan-plage. There the water was much more unpolluted and the waves were from smooth and nice to big and scary. It was hard paddling out but i enjoyed my first surftrip very much. ALOHA !
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 Alex, Berlin
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