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Scheveningen, Holland 
BREAK TYPE: beach / hollow
IDEAL WIND: north easterly
IDEAL SWELL: northerly
HAZARDS: crowds
DIFFICULTY: intermediate
Scheveningen south is the best spot in Holland! Respect the locals!
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A complete surprise or I must have been there at the right time. It worked clean and even held some size and power. It got crowded in the afternoons but didn't find it that localised, (no fights). Lots of friendly peaks stretching across a sandy bottom, sea defences could cause a problem on the inside when it's big. Well worth checking if your are near, or on your way back from SW France/N Spain.
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 David George, Cornwall
Scheveningen can be one of the best spots in Holland. On big norherly or westerly swells with south westerly winds the harbour wall offers protection and gives some good rides. It reportedly holds waves up to 10 feet!!
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 Lars, Alkmaar
Scheveningen is just a big lie. Many wannabe locals who think they invented surfing. Get a grip on reality and take a look at the waves, it`s crap. Just respect everybody that enjoys surfing and cut the respect the locals stuff. You travel too don`t you? Exactly.
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 Maarten, Penmarch
I went to Holland back in '98 and the north side of that jetty just south of the Scheveningen pier was spining off waist high sets. Nice lines for a longboard or mabye even a fish if it were a little bigger. In my opinion that jetty produces the best wave in Holland. The sand build up there is just right for it to considered a decent surf spot.
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 Nick, Santa Barbara, CA
Well, I live here now. Locals are a cool bunch, very welcoming. The Beach is not bad for the North Sea, the Netherlands picks up better long period swell than the UK east coast from lows tracking from Scotland to Norway. Timing in Holland is crucial, swells arrive and die fast. Hazzards. 1) Temperature. If you are from Ireland, W.Scotland, Cornwall/Devon or the channel coast, we forget we have the Gulf Stream. I surfed here February, it was 5 degrees centigrade. 2) Currents can be quite strong, especially as the tide starts to run (HW/LW +30 minutes to 1 hour 30)
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 Simon Jennings, Rotterdam
The local's at Scheveningen are just a bunch a m*therf*ckers, they think they can surf but they can't.. So don't waste your time on hate and frustation and check out other spots in Holland!!
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 Laurens, Rotterdam
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