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Strandhill, Ireland 
BREAK TYPE: beach / hollow
IDEAL WIND: south easterly
IDEAL SWELL: north westerly
IDEAL TIDE: mid - high
HAZARDS: rocks
DIFFICULTY: intermediate
In winter it mainly closes out, but is one of the best spots in late Spring/Summer, lefts and rights but depends on the sandbars. Works best on the pushing tide. Watch out for the rocks and shore break!!
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 Jake, Sligo
A very wide beach that can get a lot of swell but is very exposed and susceptible to a lot of white water! No crowds & not many amenities other than golf. The beach is rocky at high tide.
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 Jason Blean, Belfast
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 Henry, Sligo
For those new to arrive I hate to say this but you should've been here 5 years ago. The peaks are unpredictable and often has major close out sections. Odd classic days do exist, but you are better searching the Mayo coast.
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 James, Sligo
It rules the planet with its gnarly shorey. Surf's up in Strandhill.....
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 Karl Phelan, Strandhill
It doesn't work on a decent swell anymore. Try paddling out to dogs hole on a an incoming tide with a small swell. That place is like indo!
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 Davey, Sligo
Strandhill is excellent. I love surfing here... Good craic in strandhill.
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 Mark Dunne, Sligo
Sick shorey at low tide. A nice clean surf at high tide. When the swell is too big surf a classic point break down the beach or Indo perfection at dogs hole.
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 Ross Monaghan, Sligo
I love going surfing with all my friends here its the best wave in Ireland.
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 Stephen Kilfeather, Sligo
I like the tubular swells that roll in from the atlantic. I call them the (atlantic rollers) I ride the rollers at Strandhill.
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 Mark Dunne, Sligo
I love the waves in strandhill. Excellent craic. Good swells there and very cool waves.
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 Garry Redding, Sligo
A Bit all over the shop on a rising tide... Lots of white water, but a deadly buzz non the less...
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 Barney, Dublin
Andy Linnane, Clare/Cork
Sean, Ireland
Julian, Co. Wicklow
Ciaran, Ireland
Ciaran, Ireland
Ciaran, Ireland
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