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Castlerock, Ireland 
IDEAL WIND: southerly
IDEAL SWELL: northerly
DIFFICULTY: beginner
From a tall Castlerock semi-local, the right off the pier is first class when it's working. The rest of the beach has variable, shifting sandbars. Any locals I know are OK, we've never given any hassle so dont know what the problem is. I'm no pro, OK I'm pants, but I still try... Andrew M, disappointed to read the "locals" warning, sorry to hear about your dad.
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 Andy Lyle, Castlerock
Best surf of my life here! Long distance slow swell makes this wave perfect for longboaders and bodyboarders. Only the liffey on a great day comes close.
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 Stephen McGrath, Southside Dublin
A lovely right hand break with nice glassy three to four foot sets. On a good day it really goes off!
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 Richie Monteith, Omagh
Right hand at pier is one of the best breaks on the north coast. Locals are friendly. Holiday houses dont make you a local.
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 Float, Castlerock
A lovely break that can get very hollow over 4ft in the middle of the beach. Richies 3-4 ft glassy sets are more likely to be found in the Golf hotel overlooking the beach!
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 Stevie Patterson, Belfast
I was just surfing here today and it was awesome. There are good breaks all along the beach but is bigger closer to the pier, lovely for longboards and shortboards. I must say it was very enjoyable but the paddle can take a lot out of you.
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 Ronan, Ballycastle
This beach is a nice place to surf but rarely gets good. Watch out for the locals!
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 Andrew Mennie, Plymouth
Nice beach but unpredictable waves! It tends to be big here when everywhere else is flat. It's usually very messy and hides dangerous rips! I know I've been caught in one!
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 Johnny Mo, Kilkeel
Nice frigen rights, definitely watch the tall locals, they bite.
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 Dan Gow, Lisburn
Hooooooooooooooooot!!!!!! This place pumps, the right by the pier is abso-friggin-lutly amazing. Works on all tides and as big as you want it. Watch out for the tall locals... especially when your gettin changed if you know what I mean.
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 Dan ''the man'' Henderson, Castleroe and proud
This is a great spot, I've had some good days with my bodyboard and a few 3-4 footers. Don't know what these problems with the locals are. Give 'em a good dig in the gub, after that no hassle. If they continue, run over them hahaha.
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 Dave Dodd, Belfast
This beach rarely breaks well and normally closes out! Avoid if you want good waves! Check out White rocks or Portrush!
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 Daniel, Coleraine
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