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Coney Beach, Wales 
IDEAL WIND: north easterly
IDEAL SWELL: south westerly
HAZARDS: rips / turds
DIFFICULTY: beginner
A very nice beach break that only works well when Rest Bay is 3ft+. Ideal for longboards, as the wave is quite slow. Works best 2 hours before high tide, worth a look when Rest Bay is blown out or too crowded.
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 Stu, Cardiff
Has an excellent longboard wedge by the harbour wall in blown out conditions. Usually works well when all other local beaches are maxed.
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 Dangerous DAVIES, Bridgend
This beach works when Rest Bay is 3ft+. Most of the beach is a close out. Even in very strong winds there is always a small glassy wave by the wall which can also produce a wedge at dead low tide. The East end of the beach tends to pick up most swell.
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 Ian Taylor, Hinckley
I picked up e-coli poisoning here in September '99. So watch the water quality, esp in late summer/autumn when the water's still warm but there's less UV about to kill the bugs.
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 Pat Quinn, Bristol
In response to my mates review (Bens friend) this place is crap if you read the majority of reviews they say this place is crap apart from Layne Perry... This is a terrible closeout go to Aberavon!!!
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 Ben Carroll , Maesteg
This is a good beach on its day usually when Rest bay is maxed out. The best time to surf is around high tide.
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 Layne Perry, Bridgend
Coney sucks! It always closes out and the so called "wedge" is just a figement of the rock phobics imagination. To surf Coney is to grovel!
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 Anon, Cardiff
This is crap when it's supposed to work it closes out! Done my head in surfing here! Go to Aberavon its better!!!
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 Ben Carroll, Maesteg
Ben who wrote the last review does not know what he is talking about get your ass down coney or go and surf with Ben and his conrades in ABERAVON!!!
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 Ben's friend, Bridgend
Fair enough if you cant stand up on a board and enjoy wet turds floating beside you, coupled with absolutely crap closeouts (even if it's offshore) then this is the place to go! If this is you take a hint and take up skimboarding!
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 Simon, Aberdare
It would be more healthy to eat a rotting bollock than surfing here! However we can always depend on Coney to work in gales when everywhere else is blown out! Wear a chemical hazard suit! Oh and mabye it should be classed as an expert beach as we found it hard to avoid the floaters! My lovely white board!
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 Nabeel, Llandough
In regards to my earlier review which was that Coney was nothing but a crap closeout. I have been somewhat enlightened. I've surfed every break (both known and secret) on the Gower and Port Talbot coastlines and was stoked to find that the east end of Coney on a relatively small swell and a south westerly wind was quite clean and did not close out! me and my girlfriend had a good surf here, but bear in mind this was at the east end. I still totally agree with Ben in regards to the west end of the beach super close out. Overall though check Coney out and park at the east end of the beach (high tide car park). KEEP SURFING AND ENJOY!
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 Simon, Aberdare
Steve Meredith, Penarth
Roger Bickerstaff, Porthcawl
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