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Caswell Bay, Wales 
IDEAL WIND: northerly
IDEAL SWELL: south westerly
HAZARDS: crowds
DIFFICULTY: beginner
Generally clean waves but usually quite small. Only worth checking out if waves at Llangennith are 4+, then you'll see some 2-3 footers at Caswell. Worth going to for an evening's surf if you can't be bothered to drive all the way to Llangennith.
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 Alun Evans, Swansea
When Llangennith is on the boundaries of the can't be arsed to catch a bus or drive, Caswell offers some great clean rides usually 2-3ft but reasonably clean.
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 Sjay, Swansea
It takes a huge storm to work well but the shipwreck in the middle of the beach can produce a good wave. Only really breaks a couple of times a year.
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 Ian Taylor, Hinckley
In my experience this break never works in the summer, I would imagine it is more of a winter break.
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 Chilvs, Kingston
I've been surfing over the banks at low tide way over to the left of the bay. I don't know if they will survive the winter but jacking up and barreling on 2'+ swells.
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 Charles, Caswell
It can be good but crowded. Mid to high tide is the best time for it to be sheltered from westerly winds. It seriously dumps when the tide is low.
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 Rich, Torquay
Not very good, very choppy and small most of the time. It only works on a big swell leave it alone, Langland is much better.
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 Ebby, Swansea
Normally a very poor wave that only works on a big swell. When it does work it can be quite nice. It rarely tubes. It is a fast ride but gets way too busy, you might as well go to Gangland or somewhere else.
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 Will Begg, Swansea
Can be good at low tide in the right conditions producing a fair sized powerful wave. It also works at high tide producing some steep fast waves that jack up from nowhere. If you are from out of town and want to avoid most of the locals try Caswell.
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 Gingus, Swansea
Caswell can give a good size, steep, powerful wave at low tide with fun, fast, steep waves jacking up at high tide. If you want to avoid the Langlands locals try Caswell.
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 Gareth, Gower
The best place for students who are learning to surf. It is probably best for them to avoid confrontation at the other breaks when the surf is good.
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 Adam Beare, Penzance
Surf the bay from low to mid/high. It has good hollow kegs with the right wind direction. Check out the lifeguard hut at high tide (to the right of the bay) when it breaks 3 to 4ft and a nice hollow fast shorey. Watch your melon on the storm beach!
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 Olchfa boyo, Swansea
A nice beach that can have good surf with a decent swell. A better break than Langland and less crowded, it can tube when an onshore wind blows. Leave Langland, its pointless, too many mumbles bums, Llangennith generally rules but is too far out of the way.
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 Dai, Swansea
Caswell is a beautiful cove. Not a long stretch of sand like Llangennith but is my favourite surf spot on the Gower. Get there two hours before high tide for a very enjoyable session. It needs a reasonable 2-3ft swell.
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 Andrew Thomas, Swansea
Heavy localism here, not nice. Head to Langland where it is better for beginners and students.
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 Craig, Swansea
An excellent begginers beach. It is always 0 to 1 foot smaller than Gennith. The waves can increase by 1 to 2 foot on an incoming tide. Go there when a strong southerly swell comes in!!
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 Steve, Swansea
An excellent beginners beach. It's always smaller than 'Gennith. The waves are bigger on an incoming tide. BEWARE OF JUNKIE CAR THIEVES! DO NOT TAKE VALUABLES!
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 Steve, Swansea
I think Caswell Bay is a wicked beach and is the best for surfing. I surf there every day in the summer cos it is the best beach!
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 Bill Bloggs, Swansea
Used to be a good beach break with few crowds, so people used to come here to avoid Langland over crowding. However these days crowding here is getting almost as bad. In fact the whole of the Gower has a problem with crowds. Nightmare.
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 J, Gower
Great swells for longboards in the winter.
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 Jo, Swansea
Only worth checking out when Genith is bout 6ft plus and the wind is ofshore. Can be really goo dif the wind is right but rarly works try langland for cleaner surf and bigger but more crowded!
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 Luke Evans, Swansea
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