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Hastings, England 
BREAK TYPE: beach / wedge
IDEAL WIND: south westerly
IDEAL SWELL: southerly
HAZARDS: Locals!
DIFFICULTY: beginner
Hastings in winter is a fun time to be there if you can stand the localism and the cold water. Below is one of the stars Marcus, one hell of a good body boarder scoring the wall at its best christmas 2000. A combination of heavy south westerly winds and spring tides make the wall one of the most fun places to get slotted along the barren south coast. Just watch the local crew, anger managment courses for one and all.
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 Paddy, London
The wave is rubbish and never works go home. Unfortunately a guy was stabbed here two weeks ago, this is not the only case, the locals belong to gangs, just don't waste your time when it's shit anyway.
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 Marcus, Hastings unfortunately
Hastings really sucks, it's crap, everyone goes on about how it's the best. I live here and surf it about 4 times a winter. That photo is like the best wave on the the best day in years. Don't come here the locals will screw you over. It's never working.
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 Brian, Bexhill
Hastings is pants. It's either too small or too blown out. It is rarely, no never 'just right'. It also shoredumps like a bitch! and is not in a good way. Don't waste your time going there cos you'll probably get sworn at, ran over (like my friend did) and if your still standing, chased off! It's really not worth the hassle and you could probably make bigger waves by farting in the bath. swell just doesn't tend to get down that far. You're best off going to Ramsgate!
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 Pete, Bexhill
Not the brightest locals in the world as can be seen by the comments on this board. Nevertheless provides a good sponging wave on its day and can be quite fun. Do not worry about the locals as most cannot speak let alone write. Birling Hardcore forever.
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 Rizzo, Eastbourne
I surfed there in the October gales. The waves were poor and I had all my gear nicked off the beach by the alcoholic surfer locals and the locals threatened to beat me up. Don't go there it's not worth it.
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 Doug, Bexhill
Don't do it! Though some body boarders on here claim to have surfed it and survived (the locals not the waves) dosent meen that the rest of you would. More hastle than waves. Try Stamco there are lots of summer time glory surfers there, no waves, no hastle, no worrys. Seems like people are over exagerating the localism? not the case checkout the Hastings Observer website for the full storys. If you are driving its much better to try ramsgate if you can. Laters.
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 Peter, Sidley
I would even waste your petrol traveling there. The waves are not happening,
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 Lon, Brighton
Paddy, London
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