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Bude, England 
BREAK TYPE: beach / reef
IDEAL WIND: easterly
IDEAL SWELL: westerly
HAZARDS: rips / crowds / rocks
DIFFICULTY: beginner
Good waves in the right conditions. Quite small beach in a sheltered bay surrounded by cliffs. The best waves break in onto a very sandy beach.
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 Zippy, Birmingham
I surfed here in summer of 2002 and it was great!!! I was down for two days and I surfed it a low tide (load of crap coz it was blown out) but at high tide the point was going off!!! There was also a wave going off by the big wall!!! excellent wave. hope to be back soon!!
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 Baker, South Wales
In Summerleaze in Bude the waves are intensified on good swells as there is more water coming into the bay than it can normally handle and this can really jack up the waves.
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 Eliott, Exeter
I go bodyboarding there all the time and think its great for Britain!
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 Phil Edgley, Spalding
It has been ten years since I have seen the break. Bude is better during a low tide as it catches out on the mouth of bay better then on the inside parts of bay. The tide will rush twenty to thirty feet into the mouth of the bay. Lots of crowds.
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 Tristan Peroutka-Bigus, Kailua, Hawaii (Ex resident of Exeter)
Crooklets at high tide is amazing, during the summer there was the most insane left hander at high tide which offered some insane drops with a really long wall! The small reef on the left hand side at high tide is also insane when it's on with really shallow pits so is better for us bodyboarders.
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 A local, Bude
At high tide Crooklets tower rocks goes off on a big tide and clean swell. The take off is fast and often an air drop. On the good days you can get a barrel on the take off. As you come in to the inside the shorebreak is sick, very fast and a thick ramp for busting on. Other good waves in Bude are Wrangles, Dumpzone, Salthouse and sometimes Cross rock.
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 A local sponger, Bude
The best wave in the area is the inside at summerleaze, I surf it all the time and get some luvly little mushburgers. sometimes I surf cross rock but only when it is small because it is so sketchy. If you are an experienced sponger like me and love busting hand drags and floppos then come to inside summerleaze, it rules. See you in the water!!!
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 Chris Martin, Bude
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