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Sandsend Bay, England 
BREAK TYPE: beach / hollow
IDEAL WIND: northerly
IDEAL SWELL: northerly
IDEAL TIDE: mid - high
HAZARDS: rocks
DIFFICULTY: intermediate
Don't ever go to this beach. If you do watch out for mad dog the crazy Salford taxi driver.
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 Jason, Stockport
OK guy's heres the skinny on this beach. The reef at the north end of the beach works as much as a coal miner in Castleford. The real wave is where the road from Whitby meets the beach. It is a mid to high tide break with a steep pebble beach. If you get this on the right day it's a balls to the wall righthander. On a big day stay in the pub you will not get out. Stay wet. Mac
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 MAC, Largo, Florida, USA
A quality beach break when it's on. Also good fun left point near cliffs that works mid 2 high tide.
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 Ledge, Cleveland
Came here in August 2003, I usually surf Hells mouth but my mates pushed me to go east. I couldn't believe what I saw, 3-5ft clean and the best waves I've ever seen, I tried to get out, went over the falls then my board smacked me on the back of the neck, got concussed and thought I was in wales for the drive home. this place is amazing, but it could kill you. Awesome.
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 Nick, St Helens
When this place has the right conditions can be classic, but show some respect to this break real power at low tide when big.
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 Aus, Saltburn
Can produce some of the best beachbreak waves north of Whitby with various banks producing punchy hollow waves either side of high tide. Best from Mid to high tide on the push with a S/SW wind. Respect the locals and a good session will be had.
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 JC, Manchester
There are 2 breaks at sanger. A beach at low-mid and a reef at the bottom end which works at high tide. It is wicked get your ass down 'ere its goin' OFF!
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 Ricky Parkin, Whitby
At the left hand side of the bay (The Caves) there is a long mellow left breaking over a smooth reef. An easy paddle out and works best mid tide up to about 5 foot. The main beach can be heavy and hollow with a nasty shore break at times. It is a hard paddle out if it's big.
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 Liam Parkin, Sandsend
I surfed 2 days up there this summer. It was a fun wave with light side shore wind but before nightfall, it turned off shore and then the beach break was fantastic: plenty of glassy barrels to catch. Better than most of my surfing days in Cornwall.
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 David, La Torche, France
MAC, Florida, USA
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