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Skegness, England 
IDEAL WIND: westerly
IDEAL SWELL: north easterly
DIFFICULTY: beginner
Well I can't wait to experience conditions that are worth going in for. Spent most of my life on The Gower and am afraid that Sutton and Skeg are very poor!!! Probably been to the beach at the wrong times.
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 Druid, Skeggi
Skegness beats Sutton hands down, not very consistent but in the right conditions it goes off!
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 Steve, Skegness
SKEG? BETTER THAN SUTTON? Ahem!! Erm, yeah, right. Have you seen the photos of Sutton? A little bit of local pride talking there I think.
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 Anon, Cleethorpes
Had some wicked waves this summer with the best in September just before I returned to uni it was really going off. Some sets shoulder high!! Not the most consistent though and lacks some serious power so only for the people with the big boards and paddle maniacs. Usually a swell is about for a day 3 days at the most but we had sweet for about 5 days solid in the summer!! Best in winter if you can brave it, it gets damn cold full hood recommended. Beware of the lateral currents at high tide, on spring tides these can be really strong but will only take you north or south not out to sea, just be prepared for some long walks back! Water isn't the cleanest but I think the colour is what puts most people off. Skeg has had the blue flag most years and the year it didn't get it I got an eye infection but been fine since then. Worth it if you're in the area but get up to sandilands if you can, waves twice the size but you need to catch the tide right, mid-high. Tis all good!
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 Carlos, Skegness
The most inconsistent wave on the east coast but does have some good lefts when working. It needs a monster northerly swell to kick it into gear. No crowds!
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 Andy, Horncastle, Lincs
Manky water and don't wear any kit with white on or it will turn a nice shade of brown. It is usually 1 to 1.5 ft off Runton and Cayton, but when she's offshore with a nice swell running 3 to 4ft+ and it is just you out shes a honey!
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 Naips, Lincoln
Skegi wot surf? Brown slugish waves which are full of crap. It's better to go to Cornwall in da summer than av a piece of crap float past u.
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 Luke J, Lincoln
Will, Skegness
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