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Portreath Harbour Wall, England 
BREAK TYPE: beach / wedge
IDEAL WIND: southerly
IDEAL SWELL: westerly
IDEAL TIDE: mid - high
HAZARDS: rips / pollution
DIFFICULTY: beginner
Portreath works best at high tide when the harbour wall turns into a right, reef break, barrels to be had. The shorebreak has a vortex creating big barrels.
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 Ben, Portreath
Portreath works best from mid to high tide. At high tide there is the famous Wall break that is a nice right hander that breaks over a reef. There is also a nice shorebreak when the banks are right. Works best on a southeasterly wind, but also works on southwest and south.
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 Ben Reed, Portreath
Portreath is best from mid to high tide. The harbour wall produces big waves. It also has a nice right hander over the reef. Body boarders and surfers this is the place to be!
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 Craig Pedley, Redruth
It's a sick body boardable barrel by the wall on a beach break lots of kids get hurt. For the best bacon baps in the land go to hut on the front!
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 Iain, Bridgend
What can i say this place is wicked the reef next to the wall offers one of the best waves around and the vortex at high tide is the best bodyboarding wave ive ridden down that way this is definitely the place to be, respect the locals!
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 Gary Heale, Dawlish
The break is so underestimated! Just before high tide Suck Rock strats to work. it is a very heavy wave and sucks up nearly dry off the rock. a short very fun but can be scary wave. The wall also a good wave. The only prob with it is that when it works the crowds are stupid! Still a very underestimated wave which is probably one of the best in cornwall!
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 Jamie, Illogan
Gav, BeachWizard
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