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Porthtowan, England 
BREAK TYPE: beach / hollow
IDEAL WIND: south easterly
IDEAL SWELL: westerly
HAZARDS: rips / pollution / rocks
DIFFICULTY: beginner
Works on all stages of the tide, at low tide check out lushington at the western end of the beach, fast and hollow, luverly.
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 Derek, Porthtowan
This place at low tide can produce nice sucky and hollow waves.
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 Ryan, Penzance
Fantastic on the push. Crowded in summer but easliy avoided if you get out of bed early. Sand banks shift around from time to time, but some epic surfs last year. Sad to hear of localism. I surfed there for 3 years and never had any problems nor did I see anyone being a twat. Immensely more friendly than aggie or chapel, which are great waves but surfed by ignorant yobs.
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 AS, Midlands
Porthtowan is one of the best breaks in England. With an easterly or south easterly the break pumps and hollow barrels beckon you to pull in. It is at its hollowest at low tide and is also good at high.
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 Tom Greenall, Porthleven
This is one of the most localised spots I have surfed (and it is not really that good). I would advise you not to go there as I had a nasty experience. Its really crouded and the locals get angry, you will sometimes find yourself in violent situations. OVERRATED!
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 Rhino, porthtowan
Went to Porthowan for my first session ever. Good waves for beginners but also can be some better waves futher out. Cool beach with surf hire.
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 Gemma, Rochford
THIS PLACE IS SICK!!!!! Me and my mates came here when it was about double over head and barreling its tits off. Some of the waves had a shape to them like pipeline but not as heavy. The locals here rip and the level of stand ups and spongers is high.
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 Nobbert, Cornwall
Good on all tides, nice wedge off the cliffs at high tide and pretty fast and hollow at low.
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 Mollop, Perranporth
There's a little more choice of waves at low tide but does tend to get a bit dumpy, particularly bang opposite the 'BLUE' cafe. Mid to high seems a pretty good time to hit the place, but can get crowded!
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 Darryl, Falmouth
This is one of the most localised spots I have surfed, although the wave is fairly good it is highly overrated and I would advise you not to go there as I had a nasty experience. The locals get angry and you will sometimes find yourself in violent situations. NOT GOOD.
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 Ryan, Mount Hawke
Gav, BeachWizard
David George,
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