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The Gare, England 
IDEAL WIND: south westerly
IDEAL SWELL: northerly
IDEAL TIDE: low - mid
HAZARDS: rips / pollution / rock defenses at high tide
DIFFICULTY: beginner
Who said this was a beach? The Gare is a man made shite dump - chemical pollution, barbed wire, jagged rocks, chemical inflated seals etc.... But it doesn't keep the surfers away. But beware this place is not for groms - so don't turn up!! The wave sucks fast and runs for a good 100m, if you get it on a good day. It bowls immediately and can give you a mind blowing barrel from beginning to end. You will catch the wave on a strong SE swell - when the beach is 6-8ft +. The Gare is at the end of the rainbow but also at the end of the world. Respect is due bro,
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 Pooman, Guisborough
Very shallow, very rocky and very polluted, but the best right hander you will find and only for good surfers.
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Wave quality is 4/5. A fantastic fast right hander (slightly short ride being very picky). For experienced surfers only and very experienced surfers only when it’s big (6ft+). Water quality 0/5, about the worst water possible. It only works on medium to big east to south swells.
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 Andy C, Redcar
Super fast right, very shallow....
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 Ledge, Cleveland
Worst water possible, the smell is enough to put you off some days, thats before the sneaker sets, cold water and dangerous reef. Best righthander on the coast??? Maybe if you have balls the size of king kongs.
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 Dan, D'ton
A great beach for beginners. Also good for the more advanced surfers.
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 Paul Matthewman, Sheffield
Probably one of my favourite waves in the North-East, 'G'-land is a Fast, Hollow Right hander breaking over a shallow man made boulder dump. Don't get your hopes up too much as this place only works on Avg. 2-3 times a year. Give the locals respect as they don't often get to surf this little gem and I'm sure - you will get respect and a top surf back. Good luck in finding the place - chances are you won't anyway.
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 Matt K, Saltburn
If you want to see possibly the biggest waves ridden on the east coast... They happened at the Gare... in a snow storm ten years ago... Captured on video by 'The Riddler' Jeff Ridley... Salt burn Longboard 'Old Man'... Videos about at Saltburn... ASK! Swell 12ft+ with the Gannets incredible wipe out... followed by the longest wave ever... It was the most outragous winter surf with an added left hander off a supertanker... Frantic duck divin'! The Gare the other guys say... Polluted... foul tasting... But in a big swell adrenilin pumping... humbling. NOT FOR THE INEXPERIENCED OVER 8ft!! (S/E biggest swells wrapping around the pier) Easy paddle out.
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 The Riddler, Sanday, Orkney Isles
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