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St Agnes, England 
IDEAL WIND: southerly
IDEAL SWELL: westerly
IDEAL TIDE: low - mid
HAZARDS: rocks
DIFFICULTY: beginner
We have been surfing Aggies for the last 14 years, drinking in the Driftwood Spars & sleeping rough in the bush, the beach, the car park etc & have only ever recieved a warm welcome from all the locals, SURFERS or otherwise. We have partied, drank & surfed with most of them and reckon that you've got to act like some sort of dick to get hassle from any of them. If you don't like the place, don't go there!
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 Ward & Gaz, Farnham
Overcrowded all year round. Watch out for the agro locals. Has a nice low tide shorebreak. High tide shore dumpers can be a bit sketchy because of the rocks and pebbles. It is quite sheltered from southerly winds and works best in the winter.
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 Mollop, Perranporth
I Recently just got beaten up at St Agnes just for being a body boarder, when I got out local kid`s wrote on my windscreen (wanker) with surfboard wax, BE VERY AWARE !!!!!
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 Ted, Newquay
Why cant you idiots chill out? I travel 5.5 hours to get to Cornwall for a surf on weekends. I just come down to enjoy the waves. Surely this deserves some respect? The waves are there for everybody. This attitude from some locals really p*sses me off even though I never get any hassle myself. (Then again I am 6 foot, built like a brick sh*t house and am seriously into martial arts!). Respect to all you laid back surfers whether you are from the coast or inland!
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 Big Al, Sheffield
I know what you guys are saying but never expect respect from locals, especially for things like being a sponger or driving for 5.5 hrs. Good wave but not for the faint-hearted.
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 Ashley B, Barnstaple
Wannabes come to aggie after that fakin it program and its dangerous. Aggie is rippy, crowded, powerfull, home of the Anti Bodyboarding Association and can be very nasty, the rip allows kooks to get out back when its big then they panic, drop in, and generally bungle it. Go back to Newquay (or a fishing lake).
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 Mungo Foamhead, St Agnes
Gav, BeachWizard
Gary, Bristol
Gary, Bristol
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