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Towan, England 
IDEAL WIND: south easterly
IDEAL SWELL: westerly
IDEAL TIDE: mid - high
DIFFICULTY: beginner
All three beaches work on a south wind but are predominantly a close out. There's a left off the harbour wall in Towan, which can be fun!
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 Collins, Cawsand
Known to locals as "Poofters Patch", If you get seen paddling out here and you'll erase all line-up cred for ever. Great place to build sand castles, check out some northern girls, and laugh at the Emmets flapping in the mush.
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 Adonis, Cornwall
Towan suffers from chronic close-out at low tide. When the tide comes in a bit it can be a lot of fun (if a bit crowded). The harbour lets you paddle out behind the lineup which is fun. The left off the wall is fun, if you can wait without smashing your board on the wall! I've surfed here at night, with the floodlights on the front it's a strange experience!
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 Ben, L/Spa
Western at high mid tide is OK on a 2ft + day. The whole of Newquay Bay on low tide closes out. Lusty Glaze is the best wave but have fiesty locals. Tolcarne is a crack at high tide if you can't get to Fistral and the swell is small because the wedge will jack the wave up a bit in size.
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 Chris C, Newquay
When Fistral is too big and scary this place gets packed!
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 De la soul, Redruth
The 'Close out Kingdom' gets a lot of bad press! But you can get a clean wave when the southwesterly and westerlies mess up the majority of other north coast spots. But when it doesn't close out on a 3-4 ft swell it beats a rough "Northern Girl" anytime!
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 Dal, Falmouth
Towan, Western, Tolcarne - the beaches that put the close in close out. All 3 beaches are a complete close out, the only time to catch a decent wave is mid tide with and easterly swell. This beach is only a last resort.
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 Chris, Newquay
Newquay offers some fun and sometimes classic surf. Sure it gets busy but its what you make of it.
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 Steffan, Newquay
Gav, BeachWizard
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