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Doughmore, Ireland 
IDEAL WIND: south easterly
IDEAL SWELL: north westerly
IDEAL TIDE: mid - high
HAZARDS: strong rips
DIFFICULTY: intermediate
U gotta be joking - u've included no 'hazards' for Doughmore??? This place can and is dangerous, there are Clare Co. sign posts all over the place to prove it "Dangerous for Bathing" etc. With deadly rips this place should b treated with extreme caution.
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 Jon Slade, Limerick
Come here when everywhere else is flat, the sandbar in the middle holds nice wave. This is an unforgiving place on a big swell.
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 Steve, Dublin
Amazing wave, barrells its tits off when its over 3ft. Strong Rips, not a good idea for beginners. Dont drive up on the beach ever!!! It's like a home away from home for me there is always a good strong wave there.
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 Conor, Lahinch
A wicked spot in a hefty swell. GET READY TO TUCK IN AND NOT MAKE IT OUT THE OTHER SIDE! Keep an eye on your positioning.
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 Dave, Sligo
Good beachie and can turn up with the goods but full of bicbandits and kooks.
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 Paul, Clare
Some of the best waves I had last summer were here!!! It goes off on a good ground swell. Nice right hand waves at the south end of the beach. Wave of the day goes to my good mate Ian. Watch out for strong rips!
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 Peter Pan, Wexford
You know, most of my friends that surf have stories about this place. On one occasion I almost ended up in Boston. The turf bank can be murderously intimidating when it gets huge. My advice is bring a mate that has a mobile handy.
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 Latetakeoff, Blessington
When this beach gets overhead the rips are terrible. You had better be fit and healthy and possibly have had a heart check up before venturing out. You could be paddling for a long time and getting nowhere!! But when you get a wave... what a place!!
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 Mananan, Kildare
Surfed here all of last summer, even with the flat days you'd get a alright wave here. It can be deadly but it's worth it!
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 Clem, Limerick
Sweet Wave, Killer Place!
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 Conor, N-O-F
The right hander at the south end is great. The rips are strong so dont get too tired before you decide to paddle in. Watch out for the thick bumblie longboarders who cant surf but are great at dropping in and being ignorant fools. Life is good there are plenty of waves so be polite...
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 Brian , Clare
I was brought here on my first ever day surfing , there were Dolphins all over the place , which was some consolation for the beating I got in the water , I have had some great days up there since but would have to say I think its dangerous and wouldn't be my first choice anymore.
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 Dermot, Shannon
Can be sick when the banks are good. Watch out for the Electric fences I got a serious shock when I grabbed a wire to go on to the beach and got thrown on my back!
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 Joe, Plymouth
Timpb, Holland
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