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Rest Bay, Wales 
BREAK TYPE: beach / point
IDEAL WIND: north easterly
IDEAL SWELL: south westerly
IDEAL TIDE: low - mid
HAZARDS: rips / crowds / rocks
DIFFICULTY: intermediate
A great place to surf and just a short drive from the Midlands. Tends to work best from low to mid tide. Watch out for rocks at high tide. Only crowded at high because when tide goes out the beach trebles in size!
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 Ian Taylor, Hinckley
The best wave in south Wales, if only it wasn't for all the tourists that come here as soon as the weather gets slightly warm and sunny.
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 Andrew Davis, Porthcawl
Rest bay is only 45 minutes drive from Cardiff. It’s a great bay to surf if there are waves and Rest bay is working. And always brings fun to your surfing.
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 Karl, Cardiff
When they are working which is most of the time, they are good fun to surf. Pollution problem has improved over the last year too. Good chance of finding an uncrowded spot in the line up.
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 Bluey, Cwmbran
A great beach to surf, works well between mid and high tide. The tourists pack the beach on warm summer afternoons so walk down the bay towards sker, for another great break.
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 Bedzy, Porthcawl
This beach is demanding and can be quite punishing especially at mid tide when the banks are really working. A great place to make new surf friends.
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 Tom Anderson, Porthcawl
Rest Bay is one of the busiest beach breaks in Wales. Like all places, the bigger and better it gets then the smaller the crowds. Unlike some of those Swansea breaks where many of the locals have got seriously bad attitudes - Rest Bay has no localism as to speak of. I've surfed there for 20 years,and everyone just enjoys surfing. Low tide around the Cove is punchy and fast, as is in front of the Golf Club at low tide. The higher the tide then it tends to back-off a bit. It's not the best wave in the world by far - but pretty consistant,good fun and totally rewarding: especially in the Winter. I've surfed 10ft plus and I've surfed 1ft slop. Watch out for the police who'll book you on the double-yellow lines on a Saturday and Sunday afternoon.
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 Ade, Porthcawl
Watch out for car thieves. I went surfing 3 weeks ago, the lad who parked his car next to mine had it nicked while he was in the water!!
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 Rod, Bristol
On its day one of the best breaks in south wales. Never had a bad days surfing there in 7 years.
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 Richard, Llantrisant
Great for a good wave in summer and winter, but watch out for the crowds and the rocks at high tide. On a hot summers day it can get pretty packed but generally a good spot to surf.
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 Josh, Bridgend
This can pick up monster waves on its day! Watch out for the rocks! There are numerous reefs along the coast in the area and some provide some great makeable barrels!
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 Nathan Rees, Bedwas
It has a numerous selection of reefs, some hollow and very shallow! On big swells it provide's loads of spit!
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 Frankie, Caerphilly
Nice break funneling in swell. It can get quite hollow on the right days. It's not good water quality but then local coast does suffer with this a lot. Easy access from road with local parking.
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 Nutty, Plymouth
This beach is almost always flat during the summer months but from September the waves pick up. At high tide the rocks bug but if you avoid them you can catch a fun trip up the road. On flatish days the waves always seem to pick up. Leave it for me! Its brilliant!
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 Lloyd Dowden, Caerphilly
The below photo doesn't do justice to what can be a wicked wave!
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 Doc Dave, Cardiff
I don't know which part of Rest Bay you lot have been surfing. It can have its good days and yes the reefs are quite nice but 80% of the time the consistent westerly wind chops it out. It's a slow wave, ideal for beginners, even on good days that is rarely that hollow! There's much more punch at Coney.
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 M, Cardiff
What can I say! There always seems to be swell here. All summer it's been longboardable and when the mid atlantic holds a good low this spot can fire some awesome waves! Catch it best at mid-high tide on the push, but can be cool on low when its clean! 5/5!
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 Simon, Gower
Chaps - Where abouts is this classic 5/5 graded, spitting barrelling, Rest bay break that has been amped up above? Amongst all the other S Wales breaks, our lot have been surfing this beach for over 13yrs and yes there's been some far between good sessions but nothing to warrant the raves above - I'm not saying that the Point is a classic and consistent break but having that as 2/5 and Rest as 5/5 must mean there's something afoot with the gradings? Some people should get away more!
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 Joe, Radyr
Richard Dowden, Caerphilly
Roger Bickerstaff, Porthcawl
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