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Freshwater West, Wales 
BREAK TYPE: beach / reef
IDEAL WIND: north easterly
IDEAL SWELL: south westerly
HAZARDS: rocks / rips
DIFFICULTY: intermediate
The best surf I ever had was here, monster waves and offshore. This place rocks, it has a very deep channel in front of the beach so the waves have real power and are hollow, pull in and enjoy some pure Welsh honey.
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 Matt, Swansea
Wicked waves to be had when the wind and swell is right! Look out for da rippers!
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 Chris Rigby, Pembroke
Working on various stages of tide especially pushing on to high. The surf here can hold big clean swells. Beware of the extreme rips especially with cross winds and treat the locals with respect! It is a large beach so you can usually find a good lonely wave somewhere!
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 Matt, Haverfordwest
Good waves to be had at all stages of the tide!!! Always respect locals and check out da rips. Please pray for surf!
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 Chris, Broadhaven
An incredible break on a good day> If you're looking for surf in Wales then this is the spot. Good for all skill levels but it's ideal for the more advanced. Real bad rips! Respect the sea and the locals!
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 Kes McHugh, Newcastle Emlyn
This place rocks, in winter it has been known to hold swells up to 20ft+. Summers are not bad either, averaging about 2-3ft. Don't worry about crowding, there's about 5 different take off points. The worst thing about it is those damn canoes, they're everywhere!!!!
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 Jock, Swansea
Don't give me this 20ft crap, what country are you surfing in, probaly an X-box! Throw away your computer, go surfing in the real world this place can handle 10ft if you fit enough to get out there, and too big for most welsh surfers by far. Enough said.
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 House, Idao
G'day Folks I think it's the best beach in Wales and probably the UK. When it goes off you have the beach on low tide, then on mid tide in the middle bay then back to the beach for high tide.
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 Hugh Jarse, My camper van
This break rocks, one of the sweetest right hand reef breaks around, I will be definitely doing the trek again when the swell, wind and tide is right......
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 Ro, Sawtell, Australia east coast
Greg H,
Greg H,
J Secker, Newport, S.Wales
Tim Plumb, UK
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