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Whitesand Bay, Wales 
IDEAL WIND: easterly
IDEAL SWELL: south westerly
DIFFICULTY: beginner
Whitesands is the most overated wave in the area. When it's small it is gutless and when it is big it closes out!! The whole place is rammed with goat boaters in search of the bitches and is generally not that great. There are also at least 5 men to every girl here, so if your a single male surfer, best head to Newquay. On the other hand if you are female we will welcome you with open arms, mines the pint of tequila at the rugby club!!
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 Tired, St Davids
A good beach that picks up a lot of swell. There are no hazards and the best break is to the left of the beach. It gets very crowded when it's working especially on weekends. Works best just after high tide.
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 Dewi Day, Cardigan
Whitesands is vastly superior to Newgale although picking up slightly less swell it handles wind much better. the best "break" is not to the left. Who the hell is Dewi Day anyway? Has he ever surfed the area, can he even surf?!?
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Whitesands works best on a pushing tide. It can hold swell up to 15ft, averaging at 4-5ft in winter. Summer is fun to in the right conditions. Beware of the strong rips in fresh gales.
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 Matt, Bournemouth
Good on it's day. The best wave is the right break near the headland on the right hand side. There is also a useful rip there on larger days that can help the paddle out. The wave can be a little week if the swell is less than 4ft but beyond that it can be a fun wave. The only draw back is the summer crowds that will paddle for anything and wouldn't recognise a 'drop in' mashed by one.
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 Jag, C'then
Would have to be someone from bournemouth bigging up the 15ft swell on a beach break thing. I suppose your going to say that Bournemouth gets 20ft in the winter! Anyway this wave holds 5-6 ft max, and that's Cornish 5-6ft so don't gimme this 15ft stuff I've never seen anywhere that works at that let alone an english shallow water baechie.
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 House, Idoa
Whitesands is a perfect wave for beginners, usually because of being a girl I get hassled and dropped in on by guys, but not here. Nice 3-5 foot days have been had here, locals are chilled. Respect the locals, leave only footprints and take only photo's (respect our beaches).
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 Mel Rees, Haverfordwest
This is a peachy wave, although in the summer months its a bit slow to get going. In response to House, although a fair few years ago ( May - June 95), I've seen the waves hear push through to 8', and these were nice, clean waves which held up well.
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 Pasc, Newport
James Walker, Nottingham
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