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Newgale, Wales 
BREAK TYPE: beach / point
IDEAL WIND: north easterly
IDEAL SWELL: south westerly
IDEAL TIDE: low - mid
DIFFICULTY: beginner
I hate this beach it looks better than it always is and the paddlke out to the set waves is huge in anything over 3ft. not worth it!!!!!!
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 Ben Sutcliffe, Dale
My favourite spot to surf. A long beach with around four breaks, so you never have to worry about crowds. If Whitesand is a bit messy then Newgale is usually cleaner. Works best at low tide.
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 Dewi Day, Cardigan
Newgale is far from a good wave - gutless and prone to closing out, It only gets anywhere near good before or after high tide.
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This works on most tides, a pushing tide is best with a northerly wind and can hold huge swells. It has some great surf with various points along its length. Ideal for all and great fun.
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 Matt, Bournemouth
At it's best abaout an hour or 2 before high tide. A great beach, chilled locals, and when the conditions are right the place can be pumping.
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 Scott, Haverfordwest
Just got back from a New Year surf at Newgale which nearly froze my balls off, but was good fun. Seems to pick up a reasonable swell and very exposed to easterly off-shores which cleans the whole act up very nicely when god farts that way.
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 Ed, Putney
Great surf here for summer, nice sections at 2-3 ft and clean. one of my best ever surfs.
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 Robbie, Lewes
Wicked! There are nice breaks and it isn't too hard to paddle out and that was on my bodyboard! Go there now!
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 Johnathon Mann, Cardiff
Good consistant surf, solid beach break with loads of variations lefts and rights all along beach, best break on the points, not too busy, watch out for backwash at high tide.
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 Nick, Abingdon
Newgale last winter was amazing, good surf at the point and middle of the beach. The lads at Haverfordwest college hope it's going to be as good this winter, had some fun in 3-4 foot waves there. You really need to go there.
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 Paul, Haverfordwest
I went to Newgale for 4 days and ended up getting bad sunburn. I stayed at the camp site just across the road from the beach. The surf was aways clean you just had to get to know the tides. I found that it was at its best about 1 hour after high tide. The wave height ranged at 3-4 ft On the last day it got pretty big 5-6 ft but a bit mushy. There is a good shop across the road which hires all surf equipment and sells cheap wax (1).
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 Dan, Morpeth
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