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Ogmore-by-Sea, Wales 
IDEAL WIND: north easterly
IDEAL SWELL: south westerly
IDEAL TIDE: mid - high
HAZARDS: rips / pollution
DIFFICULTY: intermediate
Under rated wave that works only at high tide. Good sandbars create nice ripable waves watch out for the river rip going out to sea. Paddle accross from beach car park straight into the lineup, easy. Gotta be an idiot to walk the dunes it's miles.
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 Huw, Bridgend
River mouth break & Left hand reef (In front of coastguard building). Reef & river mouth works on a strong swell, NW - NE winds, Low (reef) through to high tide (river mouth). Hollow wedgy barrels can be found at both. Beware of turds and tampons.
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 Kris John, Swansea
When the banks are right the waves are awesome. It needs a decent size swell to work and a breezy north easterly, then you've got classic conditions. Also the crowd factor is not a problem, due to strong rips and putrid water. Like most places its best through autumn and winter but spring is usually the best time as the winds are consistently offshore.
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 David Davies, Bridgend
This is my home break and its crap hollow barrels my ass. It gets good once a year at most and theres huge rocks, a turd works and a river. Go to Rest bay it pumps almost everyday.
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 Iain, Bridgend
It's a good surf if your willing to wait for a set to come. It suits all types of surfers but for those experts I would recommend travelling to Rest Bay instead. It's a very powerful glassy break but it really only gets pumping in the winter. (if you are ever down you might see me surfing i'm little).
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 Larkin (13 yrs old), Ogmore-by-sea
Your better off going to Southerndown or Rest bay as it never seems to be working when I drive past. Probably one of those breaks where everything has to be right for it to work.
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 paul, newport
F**king good beach in my humble opinion with a nice tidy break at high tide, always a laugh to go with your mates. It has got a nasty current running along the river mouth so watch yourself but a cool surf.
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 Jimi Rowe, Cardiff
A great beach with plenty on offer (like round brown fish). The walk from the car park is really mind numbing it's amazing to walk the dunes in the sun then reach nice surf. Works good around 2 hours before high tide and building up to high tide.
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 Brit, Penarth
Can be worth a visit but more of a longboard wave most of the time! It can get gnarly here and rippable but is fickle! It works best at high tide or 2 hours before, but be prepared there's lots of deposits there sitting in the line up alongside you!
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 Simon, Gower
Alex Farrow, Bristol
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