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Compton Bay, England 
IDEAL WIND: north easterly
IDEAL SWELL: south westerly
IDEAL TIDE: mid - high
HAZARDS: Remains of a shipwreck just to the north
DIFFICULTY: beginner
Compton Bay is also called Hannover Point. When we went there in early June it was lovely and quiet, clean and had a shore break of a couple of feet. We had wetsuits but no boards and a kind local lady offered to lend us her spare one. Very good vibe.
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 Stephen, Cambridge
Compton can produce small 2 ft waves almost all year, but given a nice swell and an easterly wind Compton goes off with the cleanest 5-6 ft waves. During the winter 8 footers have been seen. If only saw small waves in summer, come back in winter…
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 Mike, Isle of Wight
One of the best beaches around. More punch than most beaches in Cornwall and still good when small. fields on a moderate SW wind with a decent ground swell is so damn fun. About 2 hours before high the left hand peak out the back is so smashable and there's a shorey just to the right at high tide which is best when its about shoulder high. Closes out a bit when it's clean though. Hanover rights get good in winter, really long but pretty fat and heaps of loggers. Never too many guys out though other than on sunny weekends when it's about two foot and clean, nightmare.
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 Fryer, Shorwell
A good surf can be had here when it is between 3ft and 5ft but any smaller it is too gutless and any bigger it closes out more also it will be a horrible paddle out. If it breaks on a weekend crowds become sick with about 5 longboarders on each wave. The best bet is to walk up the beach to "Fields", here you will find a high tide shorey (breaks out further when its big) and a low tide sucky hollow wave, also with less crowds.
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 Jamie R, Sandown Isle of Wight
Dude! My home break, it rocks. where I learned to surf and where I cant wait to get back to! (Been away for a while in iraq) yeah, winter is probably best and you do get some good, big days, only ever seen it flat about 3 times. but hey, it's the search! Also try Niton bay, bit easier to paddle out. Compton is best about 2 hours before high tide, and maybe a couple of hours after. See you in the lineup, live the dream!
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 Rob Taylor, Gosport
Luke Murray, Isle of Wight
Jamie Russell,
Harry, Isle of WIght
Martin Scadgell, UK
Paintz, UK
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