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Ringsted Bay, England 
IDEAL WIND: north easterly
IDEAL SWELL: south westerly
IDEAL TIDE: mid - high
HAZARDS: rocks
DIFFICULTY: intermediate
R.bay is one of the best places to surf on the south coast. A long right hander breaking over a shallow reef can hold up to 8 feet.
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 Gary, Weymouth
I'm also a local like Joe at Ringstead, it is only a very small reef and anything over ten people out becomes too crowded. There are plenty of reefs along the South Coast to choose from.
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 Chris, Weymouth
I went to this place, its got a very small take off spot with some very unfriendly locals getting all the waves. Also DO NOT leave your car unattended, I got mine vandalised, can't be sure but it was obviously the locals. It's a shit wave anyway, its really not worth it.
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 James, Dorset
We went down to ringstain ringstad on the basis of it being "LOCALS ONLY" seeing as that must mean the place is cranking. But to our surprise when we turned up we found the locals going mental over two foot slop!!! Apparantly this was well "HOLLOW" according to some twit called Joe. Ringstain ringstabbers who surf ringsted can keep it!! I'll stick to "HOLLOW BEACH".
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 Jamie Russell, Sandown
I am a local at Ringsted and love the place but lets get a few things straight. It is very good about twice a year at which point K-Bay will be pumping and bigger! LOCALS ONLY PLEASE!
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 Joe, Weymouth
Why locals only? Do you own the place? Is nobody else allowed to surf there? Anyone can go there, people that travel 2 minutes or people that travel 2 days. It's not your wave so get real!
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 JP, Soton
Don't be a FOOL Joe!
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 Sea Dog, Anywhere
All you tossers bitchin' about localism should get a slap. Any one privilaged enough to be able to surf full stop should be able to check it. Localism sucks. Why cause agro amongst yourselves? God made surf respect the maker enjoy what he's given you.
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 Alex, Weymouth
The only thing worse than its inconsistancy is the locals only attitude. I live about 5 minutes away and never surf there because K-bay is better, but if i did i wouldn't let 'Jonny Boy' joe put me off. Probably just a body booner anyway, no offence sound wave riders.
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 Matt, Dorchester
All you guys bitching about localism want to get out of Dorset and go to a real surfing spot not some south coast crap. It is a better windsurfing spot anyway.
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 Anon, Weymouth
Cool, someone's getting his black shorts on for a break that doesn't even touch the other spots in the area. Imagine what would happen if you spilt his pint (of shandy)! It's so much in the swell shadow of Portland (that juts outs 6 or so miles to sea) that it almost never goes, and when it does there are loads of breaks that will catch the swell much better. This spot is better for bass fishing than surfing. Oh dear I've given away a secret fishing spot. Please Joe don't hurt me, you big hard bro, I'm just a stupid Howlie. North Shore visits Dorset,... ssssheesh. get a feckin life!
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 Charlie, Bournemouth
Glad to read some of your comments about the 'localist rules' attitude towards 'Ringers'. I have been visiting the place as frequently as possible over the last 18 months (live locally/passion has been boosted ten fold, converted bodyboarder-love to surf) and agree with you all, fortunately there is only a small minority that have their heads stuck up their arse!! No name's Joe! I personally like to see fresh faces, new people/new styles and most importantly - SURF. Fair enough, it is frustrating pulling into the car park and seeing the volume of vehicles knowing the line up is like a zoo, but what can you do except have a little respect and have fun - get the spongy out and surf the break out front, surfing isn't it (I know, I know)! Oh, and another thing - the pay toll for parking, that is teeth grinding stuff, it cost more than K-bay!!! Cheecky f**kers.
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 Steve, Portland
I have no problem with anyone surfing the place it's not my wave I agree. My “angry” message was directed at the guy who put the ridiculous message advertising the place as the best spot on the south coast. Any surfer who is part of any local scene whether it’s a good spot or not would understand this, anyone that responds in the way that everyone has here, try actually going surfing!! “LOCALS ONLY” was out of order, but reviews like this just contribute to this attitude??
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 Joe, Weymouth
stop bitchin about Ringsted you tarts and enjoy it together! Surfing is shit when people don't respect each other I am a bloody sponger and it's a laugh!! It's what it is about fella! Ringsted is a wild ride when it works, when it doesn't chill. Anyone surfed mupe?
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 Alex, Wey
I only surfed here once but nearly didn't as when we arrived the tide was real high so the wave was fat, then this set came through and blew our minds! I legged it to the car and had a fricking cold session in a sweet little head high swell, I hadn't surfed a reef like it in the UK. There were a couple of 'local' folk giving jip on the shoulder but the guys on the peak were crazy nice guys! Thanks to the one who wears the white gath... a crazy late take off-to belly flop in the flats was the best wipeout I've seen for some time.
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 Bob, Barton on sea
Ringstead is Kool. I am soo lame - So many other spots SW working but, when you know it's good! Car Park prices up this Year. Bug Bear does not justify it - Could we perhaps lobby it! Yours welcome...
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 Steve, Portland boy
I had some fun surfs at the ledges and at Ringstead while I was visiting however the area seemed very inconsistent. Scored quality waves at other reef breaks in the area, but I'm not going to name any of them. Locals (didn't really see any) seemed pretty chilled at, show some respect and you will get loads of waves. If you are a competant surfer and there is a good swell running I recomend you go search as there are much better waves to be found in nearby areas.
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 Andy, Wollongong, Oz
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