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Exmouth, Sidmouth, England 
BREAK TYPE: beach / reef
IDEAL WIND: north easterly
IDEAL SWELL: north easterly
IDEAL TIDE: mid - high
HAZARDS: Odd rocks and mirky water
DIFFICULTY: beginner
The place is divided up in to many different sections, by Rock Barriers, Rock Gryones and Rockpools. Providing a variety of waves at any stage of tide on the right swell.
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 Daniel Jones, Ottery St. Mary
A large wide open beach split up by two large sets of groynes. It can have large slow moving waves that are good for long boarding. At low tide it can have decent barrel reforms for bodyboarders.
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 Jono Parr, Exeter
Only go if you are in the area, a large slow moving heap of brown stuff that is best on a long board or body board for those high tide barrel reforms so avoid it if you can.
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 Jono, Exeter
On strong easterly swells at Exmouth's sandy beach the rocky outcrop known as the 'Reef' holds faces up to 6ft with a combining northeast through to northwest wind. Barrel sections can be found at the other end of the beach where more sheltered waves breaks over a set of rocks.
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 D Lumsden, Budleigh Salterton
Orcombe Point at Exmouth is a southwest facing shore break that works mainly on a south/southeast swell as the wave peels around the point creating a nice small barrelling wave. Has steep faces which hold up to 3 to 4 feet. An excellent bodyboarding wave with wedging sections. This area can also work with on a southwesterly.
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 D Lumsden, Budleigh Salterton
This place is going off at the moment over near sandy bay reef. I can't wait until winter, this place rules.
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 Ben Maritn, Exmouth
Exmouth, Sandy Bay and the reefs inbetween can have its day. During the winter you can bodyboard about twice a week. Just this summer '03 ive surfed Parlors Reef about 3 times. So dont dont believe those people that come down here and say is crap because they dont live here and they dont know when its GOOD! I agree its not the best place in the world but if you live here it worth checking out on south/south westerly swell, because when he wind turns to north/north easterly THATS OFFSHORE!!
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 Richard, Exmouth
Don't listen to the people who slag off this break. The locals (me being one) all agree and regularly surf this beach when it goes off......IT GOES OFF. I have had some of the best sessions of my life on this beach. not hard to get to, it is half a mile around the corner from orcombe point. the water is NOT too bad and ive been surfing there for a year and I have never been ill. SURF THERE, IT'S GREAT!!!!!
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 Pat Duffield, Exmouth
V Voyager is right Sandy Bay beach is crap, you can step over the discarded nappies and condoms as you walk down to the filthy water . Exmouth is cleaner but the waves even worse.
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 Marky, Exmouth
This place truly sucks!! It only works on a wind swell, which is never and it really smells of shite! I have surfed it twice in four years and got really sick due to the sewage outfalls. KEEP CLEAR is my advice. The Good Doctor
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 V Voyager, Exmouth
This always looks better than it is and very rarely works well, try round the corner at Sandy bay. The water quality aint the best but isn't too nasty. It is better for body boarding than surfing as it can get a bit sketchy at high tide as it just breaks into sand and some sneaky rocks are hidden here, there and everywhere but won't be a problem at high tide. I have surfed it loads but have yet to get a really good wave as rides are pretty short. It is good for learning to stand up fast as when it gets 4ft or over it's stand or land on your head! There is not much rip, is not that good, but for winter times it's ok seeing as it's 2 miles from my house!
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 Ben, Exmouth
Alex Mead, South Devon
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