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Teignmouth, England 
IDEAL WIND: westerly
IDEAL SWELL: southerly
DIFFICULTY: beginner
Can produce waves from the East all the way round to the Southwest. Can have good banks and is best on a pushing tide. Hazards: Paignton blowins!
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 Alex, Dawlish
It is good and constant so long as its the autumn of 2002. Which it's not. Ah, remember those six weeks? The best surf Teignmouth has ever had. It rarely works now, last time it was good was about a year ago on the sandbar, the waves used to come around in a big bowl section and dump you in the deep water. Happy memories.
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 Joe, Teignmouth
I'm a local and come to Teignmouth what ever the wave. Recently the swell has been quite good having a whole week of surf and two clean days. The best time to get in is in the morning when it's off shore. Teignmouth can hold some great powerful waves at high tide and usualy surfed by spongers. Some banks can appear giving some excellent hightide heavy peaks.
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 Ant , Teignmouth
There are shit all waves apart from in the winter or after big storms. When there is any surf at all it can be choppy.
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 Alex Jack, Bishop
Picks up all south and east swell but is much better with big a south westerly. Best either side of mid tide, but watch out for the rips. Take care with the groins and the pier, especially when it starts to dump at high tide. It holds up to 4 foot. The sandbar can barrel at times.
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 Ben, Torquay
To be honest with you this beach only performs a few days a year and when it does on a south westerly all the deprived locals will be out in flock! If you do get a good day look to surf the right from the pier or get tubed off the sand bank!
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 James Murray, Bishopsteignton
Teighnmouth can have some wicked days, but this happens very rarely. It is best during September and October. Mainly a spongers wave now. hazards are wannabe surfers who don't a clue!
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 Dan, Teignmouth
Teignmouth is one of those beaches that work every now and then properly. The sand banks recently have been perfect and have seen some wicked sessions. Unfriendly wanna b's are not welcome.
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 Dan Payne, Teignmouth
Probably best at low tide when the sand bank is easyiest to get this can provide nice rights and lefts with the occasional barrell. high tide offers a meaty shorey.
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 Gary, Dawlish
My dad in his younger days used to surf the waves in Teignmouth and he enjoyed every moment of his childhood in the beautiful town until he came to canada!
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 Hayley Osgood, London / Canada
Teinmouth's sea is well cold but its ok in da summer!
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 Georgia W, Dawlish
Bill Mesley, UK
Gary McMillan, UK
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