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Paignton, England 
IDEAL WIND: westerly
IDEAL SWELL: southerly
IDEAL TIDE: mid - high
DIFFICULTY: beginner
Few waves but great slides!
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 Russ, Bristol
This place truly sucks!! It only works on a wind swell, which is never, and it really smells of shite! I have surfed it twice in four years and got really sick due to the sewage outfalls. KEEP CLEAR is my advice.
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 Rich Jones, Paignton
I agree with Steve. Occasionaly this break can be okay. I went there straight after a visit to a flat Bantham to find 3 foot and windwaves and got a good nights body boarding. Go to Preston not Paignton, it's much better. Not the best but 10 minutes from my house! What more can I say?
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 Colin, Torquay
You're all right but when that east wind blows we all pile down there thinking? But when that wind drops or a big south westerly blows we love it! Surfing in Torbays shitty clean sweep! See you in the poop!
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 Key Man, Torquay
Hollicombe beach on the far left works on the reef which can be clean after a harsh storm. On occasions has seen 3 - 4 foot hollow barrels. Locals only!
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 Mike Langdon, Newton
This is bollocks. Full of turds and shite waves. Leave it to the tourists.
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 Tim , Exeter
Wind generated swell. Difficult paddleout. I have surfed here twice in 3 years. It tends to clean up when winds swing around from south easterly to westerly but the swell only lasts for about 1 hour and this usually happens after midnight!
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 Viv, Paignton
The surf in and around Torbay is always pretty shit, although there's a beach to the left of Torre Abbey sands called Livermead beach, I've been there a few times in the winter, it works on a low tide with a strong south-westerly wind, and it picks up to around 4ft and clean as you like. The down fall is it's a small beach and can get crowded.
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 Gary , Torquay
This break can be prrety wicked often messy but can have its day with nice cleanish hollow waves, best at mid to high tide offers a good wave for both bodyboarding and surfing, give the locals respect they put in the hours no matter what the condition.
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 Gary Heale, Dawlish
Yeah it only works on an easterly. Yeah it's not that clean. It's my homebreak so if you don't like it , don't surf it. Moaning cunts!
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 Steve, Paignton
I completely agree with everyone else, it very rarely works, and when it does it's not really worth the bother. But there is a beach near to Paignton called Livermead, again, rarely works but when a strong south-easterly kicks in it's quite impressive, it works best at low tide, and when swell hits the reef it peaks up to around 4-5feet.:)
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 Gary McMillan, Torquay
Steve, Torbay Wave Attack Team
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