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Bantham, England 
IDEAL WIND: north easterly
IDEAL SWELL: south westerly
HAZARDS: rips / crowds
DIFFICULTY: beginner
Yeah the crowds can be a problem watch out for the Plymouth college boys, but a great wave in the right conditions.
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 Will, Totnes
Hey there, I have had some of my most memorable surfs at Bantham when it's going off just jump in the river, relax and let the rip take you out. There is a bit of the old locals problem, and it does get crowded but just try to forget all of that remember what you're there for. Enjoy what nature has to offer you'll get a lot more out of it, cheers.
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 Emma, Plymouth
Really great spot without the crowds lovely hollow wave always off shore with great locals but are gettin pissed about the crowds don't blame them in the summer, watch for the killer rip in the rivermouth. Go to the top of the river and float down the river and you get out back in the perfect spot. Great Fun!!!! Loads to do there!! Great Break!
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 Gnarly Nick, London
I love this beach. Even if there is very little swell at low tide the sand makes beautiful shallow waves appear which you can surf for a good while before they even break, and that's with a light onshore. Other times it gets CRAZY HUGE, and at low tide this is manageable for a beginner like myself, but when it is high and going out it can get a bit hairy. With an offshore, some of the most beautiful waves I've ever been nailed by. When the tide is on it's way back up the beach the river mouth can provide some incredibly long rides with perfect laterally stationary shoulders, ask Mike. Oh and leave the students alone, some of them are girls and have nice buns.
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 Bob, London
A great spot if you get it on the right day. I went early morning with a friend and it was about head high clean as.(north easterly offshore).
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 Brett, Totnes
Bantham's river mouth has a good break and the sand bars work well at mid tide. If you're looking for a more powerful and faster wave go to Challaborough just around from Bigbury.
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 Dan, Noss Mayo
The left off the rocks as the tide comes up to about halfway is good. Use the rip off the rocks to get you back out. What more do you need, it's like a conveyor belt! But it does get a lot of onshores and crowds so can be a pain in the arse!
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 Tim, Exeter
Bantham is consistent all year round. It picks up the most swell out of my local beach. Northeast winds are the go for this break at mid to low tide. A nice beach and the mellow waves are a magnet for beginners. There are more sheltered spots around the corner.
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 Roddy, Totnes
A nice summer spot for the whole family. Good fun waves for learners at the re-form and when big swells hit a larger more hollow wave forms futher out. A popular spot for stand up surfers, and it manages to attract other water users.
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 SpiNNeR, Dartmouth
Picks up most of the swell in the area. Drops off at high tide. Long and hollow in the right conditions: offshore (northwesterly) winds after a good swell. Low to mid tide. Rip on right side by reef. Attracts beginners. Rivermouth can work.
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 Joeseph, Totnes
This beach gets most of the swell in south devon it's always bigger here than anywhere else in this region. When it is 6ft and offshore you get barrels on the pushing tide. But watch out for the river Avon which can suck you out to sea as the tide goes out. Generally a nice spot with a good quality south coast wave.
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 Aaron, Plymouth
Students have wrecked this place, So if you are coming to Plymouth Uni this year please don't come you are not welcome, go to Cornwall.
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 Rod, Bantham
Good beachlife all year round, had some sweet sessions although this is one of the only beaches I've had agro at, folk who think they need to point out the rules of the wave, fuck man piss off, I'm here to relax not squabble over natures free resourses.
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 DevonDubAllstars, Torquay
Looks like we need some crowd control at Bantham again. I was a student at Plymouth, a lifeguard at Bantham for 8 years and started surfing the break 25 years ago. Ever paddled out in the rip, around the white 10 knot buoys parrallel with the island to get into the rivermouth lineup? - if you said yes I don't believe you - unless you're Swanny or Steve Daniels. I've had some clssic surfs at Bantham - and will come back and have some again. I won't take any crap from the crowds - no problem for me - try surfing Burliegh heads.
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 Jason Hayward, Sydney
Bantham could be superb, too busy now, best time during student holidays when they've all scuttled back to mummy. No students here, good vibe, ciao...
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 Mike, Aveiro, Portugal
Yeah some students are tossers but mostly locals are even worse, i mean its not their wave or beach, you should be a bit more understanding towards beginners....... Stop being such aggressive twats, your attitude makes it worse because of the 'students'!
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 Adam, Plymouth
A great beach on its day as good as anywhere. Very hollow sucky rivermouth that tests the best, both lefts and rights if you get the tide just right. Crowds are only a problem if they act like driftwood on the break line or Drop in uninvited. Give and you will get? Can hold up to 8' at high tide with 200mtr rides if you can cut it. Rip can be wild and catch spongers without fins (who shouldnt be in there anyway)!!! How do i know? I've surfed it since 1972, boy and man, still love it on a quiat morning with 2 or 3 out and pumping. Ask the locals and respect all users (except canoes, to dangerous!)
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 Steve, Kingsbridge
Bantham is fine in comparison to other south devon breaks. If you people want to fight then go to Wales and see how hard you shortboarders are then.
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 James, Yealmpton
Bantham is a sweet spot when it's on. I bet us students will surf bigger Bantham than you agro. woosy boy!
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 Andy, Plymouth
Andy Downey, Plymouth
Andy Downey, Plymouth
Andy Downey, Plymouth
Andy Downey, Plymouth
Alex W, UK
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