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Carrowniskey, Ireland 
IDEAL WIND: north easterly
IDEAL SWELL: westerly
IDEAL TIDE: mid - high
HAZARDS: Weaverfish
DIFFICULTY: beginner
This wave is terriable. It's always cross shore and messy. Big currents down the beach and those weaver fish.?????
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 Mick, Sligo
What a great spot, I have had some unreal long rides here when its working, the sort where you could read the paper while your tracking along. Have fun.
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 Fergus Lynch, Sunderland
A real consistant beach that can get very nice if the conditions hold for a while and the sandbanks sort themselves out. Best thing is the lack of crowds. I've had so many great sessions here with just myself and a few mates, surfing until way past sunset. Enjoy.
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 NearbySurfer, Louisburgh
It does get good a couple of days a year but you would have to check it everyday to know. Usually it is a closeout with a very strong rip, if there is a medium strength wind with a bit of West in it, go and rent a video instead!
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 Marcos, Louisburgh
Carrowniskey is a great spot, in good swell there is some really class waves! Hazards are those Damn pesky weaver fish!!
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 Thomas, Westport
Carrowniskey is one of the best surf spots on the west coast, it has its days with brilliant surf. But those weaver fish just p*ss me off!
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 Fergus, Louisburgh
For some reason this beach has recieved no credit for being one of the most consistent beach breaks in Ireland. OK so it is quite rare that it gets offshores but this beach holds onshores quite well, and when the beach does get offshores it goes off.
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 Dewi Day, Westport
This is a rapid place to surf!! The waves are mental when it's offshore, but be warned they have landed and "YES" space monkeys will take over the world!!!!!!
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 Alex, Dunmore
Offshores are rare. But if the winds or waves are wrong there are other nearby beaches that are sheltered. When conditions are right, the waves are just magic. I surfed here with a school of dolphins last June. Just walk onto miles of deserted beach.
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 Sos, Westport
Andy Linnane, Clare/Cork
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